ĶEPA RAW FOOD is a family company that was founded in the spring of 2019 with the aim of helping the family's favorite Cane Corso dog, Kor, to change his nutritional principles and become a fresh eater for the sake of health.

A company was born from the desire to ensure a happy dog's life, which today fills the nutritional basket for BARF - nutritional philosophy supporters - fresh eaters.

The company's motto is "REAL FOOD - FOR REAL DOGS AND CATS!", and our goal is to provide an opportunity to buy fresh food and various dehydrated foods in one place, to promote the feeding of pets with natural food, and to help improve the health of sick pets.

Our concept store is born out of our own pet health problem solving paths. We know how important it is to provide our dogs and cats with a healthy and balanced diet, which is why we are ready to offer only high-quality fresh dog food, natural dehydrations and nutritional supplements.

In our product range, you will find both our own products and those produced by carefully selected and reliable partners in Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Greece. We are always open to offers of new cooperation partners and products that would improve our nutritional basket.

We are always ready to give advice and help so that you can choose the right product for the needs of your dog or cat. We advise everyone about B.A.R.F. basics of nutrition philosophy, we draw up a nutrition plan and help find the best solution.

Every pet is special. There is no such thing as unpalatable food, it is the taste of your pet, the nature of eating, the particularities determined by health.

And we are ready to go with you on the journey of refreshing your pet!